Essential Oil Quality

The Young Living “Seed to Seal” Production Process

Young Living’s authentic essential oils capture the pure energy of the plant. This energy has proven therapeutic properties that can help move you to a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Young Living’s oils are more effective than others on the market due to our strict quality-control process. From the moment the first seed is sown until the oil is sealed in the bottle, the Seed to Seal process ensures our oils deliver expected results.

 The “Seed to Seal” process has five steps:

  1. Seed: Potent essential oils come from plant species that have been authenticated by Young Living and industry experts.
  2. Cultivate: Soil preparation, balance of sun and water, and responsible weed and pest control ensure our stringent standards are met.
  3. Distill: Young Living’s proprietary low-temperature, low-pressure steam distillation process assures that the beneficial plant compounds in every batch of oil remain uncompromised during the extraction process.
  4. Test: Each essential oil must pass Young Living’s stringent testing to ensure the optimal bioactive natural compounds are present.
  5. Seal: Young Living completes the Seed to Seal process by carefully sealing each bottle of essential oils and shipping to members worldwide.

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